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Seton Outreach Grants
made in December, 2016

The Seton Outreach Committee met in November to determine the grants for the first half of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017.  Members present were committee chair Campion Jaques and committee members Sue Switalski, Stacia Schneider, Nancy Kasun, Tim Klibor, Bill Doepke, and Dave Strelitz.

The committee reviewed grant requests from various 501(c) (3) designated organizations submitted subsequent to our June 2016 meeting.  Keeping in mind our purpose to further the ministry of our parish community, we elected to award grants to the following organizations:

  • $1000 to Joseph’s Medical Clinic. Partnering with ProHealth Care, it provides medical care to the 6% of uninsured individuals who reside, work or attend higher education in Waukesha County. The program provides continuity of care for each patient, reducing ER visits, unnecessary hospitalization and overall healthcare costs to the community.
  • $1500 to the Hope Center. For over 43 years, Hope Center has provided support services to the homeless and those in transition in Waukesha County. The center offers a clothing shop, outreach meal program (for homeless and the elderly) daytime activity center, and sources gently used appliances, furniture and household items for people relocating from a shelter or temporary housing. Item donations are gladly accepted!
  • $3500 to the LOTUS Legal Clinic, providing Legal Options for Trafficked and Underserved Survivors. LOTUS has achieved significant law changes and has served over 100 clients in complex victim’s rights and trafficking matters.  In its short time, LOTUS has received state/national recognition for its efforts in restorative justice.  Our funds will allow staff to attend a national program to obtain International Human Rights Certification.
  • $1500 to the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary. Serving Milwaukee’s 53206 area code having the highest rate of poverty locally, this daytime sanctuary offers the homeless basic human needs and social service support. Our funds will be used for supplies and expenses to operate the center, including meal program supplies and gift cards for those experiencing hardship.

Our committee intends to meet again in June 2017 to determine its final awards for the 06/30/17 fiscal year.  We welcome requests from organizations seeking support for programs that extend beyond our parish mission into the local, national and international communities.  If you know of an organization seeking support, please suggest they complete a grant application which can be downloaded from our website, or contact any of the committee members for information.

These are all worthy organizations and we recommend that you contact any of them directly in the event you seek additional information about their missions or your desire to be more involved. We would also welcome new members to our committee to assist in the research, review and consideration of these requests.  Thank you for your support and interest in our efforts.

Dave Strelitz