Office Ministries

Office Ministries

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19


Bulletin Stuffers

Bulletin Stuffers collate weekly parish bulletins with inserts printed in-house or provided by outside organizations. Four teams rotate on a regular basis. When there are five weeks in a month there is a team for the fifth week (four times a year only). Stuffed bulletins are then placed in the following locations:

  • the lower cabinet in the Gathering Space below the poor box forushers to distribute at all Masses
  • replace the bulletins in the rack in the Gathering Space
  • with current week’s bulletins
  • replace the bulletins in rack on the wall near the parish office withcurrent week’s bulletins
  • old bulletins should be put in recycle bins.

Date: Friday afternoon OR Saturday morning as determined by the Team Captain
Time: Teams serve once a month
Location: Seton Hall (lower hall of church)
Contact Mary Bostwick at 262.782.6760

Money Counting Team

The Money Counting Team Is responsible for counting the contributions from the weekend Masses, verifying and recording the contents of each envelope, generating a tally sheet to verify the contributions balance and then taking the deposit to bank with another member of that counting team. Two people must be present at all times when counting cash, and also when the sealed envelopes are retrieved from the safe.

Date: Every 7th Sunday with 7 teams rotating
Time: Approximately 2 hours a Sunday
Location: Parish Office (In lower level of church)
Contact Mary Kettlewell

 Office Disciples

Office Disciples will answer the phones, help out with photocopying of the Orders of Worship and bulletin flyers, proofreading the bulletin, light typing, recording of Mass Intentions, greet visitors with a warm friendly smile, retrieve mail and sort accordingly into staff mailboxes.

Date: Mornings – Monday-Friday

You can choose frequency of days per week, or month that will work with your schedule.
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon
Location: Parish Office (lower level)
Contact Mary Bostwick 262.782.6760

Parish Mailings

Assist the Parish Office with collating, labeling, stuffing, sealing, and sorting into mail trays for bulk mailings.

Date: Financial statements are done once a month; Newsletters are done quarterly; auction and festival mailings are done prior to event and can have multiple mailings; Stewardship and Time and Talent is done in October and we can have special mailings throughout the year.
Time: Two to three hours per mailing. You would be called on an “as needed” basis.
Location: Parish Office (lower level)
Contact Mary Bostwick 262.782.6760

 Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is an ad hoc committee. It is comprised of parish personnel with Human Resource experience who are willing to offer advice on parish HR policies, job descriptions, salaries and benefits. When the committee is activated, those personnel who are available are asked to participate in a very limited number of meetings for a short period of time.

Date: As needed
Time: As needed
Location: Seton Hall (lower level)
Contact Business Administrator 262.782.6760