Adult Enrichment

2021-2022 Adult Enrichment Speaker Series:  Going Deeper

Growing closer to Christ through a deeper understanding of... Inclusion, Compassion, Service, Scripture, Prayer, Stewardship, and Ministry to others.

Our Adult Enrichment Speaker Series and Seton's own Monday night Family Faith combined their efforts about three years ago.  Since that time, we have scheduled the same presentations for 9:30 a.m. Sunday Morning (Sippel Hall) and 6:30 p.m. Monday night (Sanctuary) Family Faith.  Each presentation this year will offer some time for presentation of topic, along with just a bit of small group discussion. 

January 2022

Dr. Dan Scholz, Cardinal Stritch University President, presented on the topic of Deepening our Relationship with Jesus through Scripture - Exploring Luke's Gospel. The video below is from the January 10, 2022 Adult Enrichment presentation. The beginning of the video includes slides from Dr. Dan's presentation; the full video presentation begins at the 10:42 mark. You will find a link to download slides from the presentation below.

Download slides from Dr. Dan Scholz - Exploring Luke's Gospel here.

December 2021

How do we Follow Jesus/Serve Others through a spirit of Service? Join Dave Knoll, our Pastoral Council Chair as we explore the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton mission and vision statement to find out. 

  • What does that look like for our faith community?
  • What does that look like for disciples of Christ?

Sunday, December 12, 2021 - 9:30 - 10:30 AM in Seton Hall (lower level). Coffee and snacks provided.

November 2021

Our Monthly Speaker Series continued in November with Michelle Nemer's discussion on Modeling Compassion through Transitions.  We continued our year long speaker series which focuses on our Parish Vision statement: TO BE A GROWING COMMUNITY THAT INSPIRES ALL TO FOLLOW JESUS WITH A SPIRIT OF INCLUSION, COMPASSION, AND SERVICE.

  • What can following Jesus look like through the path of transition?
  • How has compassion been modeled for you?
  • Consider the greatest need for your Christ-like compassion to self and with others.

You're invited to check out Patrick Lencioni's presentation on "Managing Transition" from The Amazing Parish in the video below.

Managing Transition from The Amazing Parish on Vimeo.

October 2021

Pam Lownik , Director of Social Concerns and Outreach, St. Mary Hales Corners, presented on the topic of Following Jesus/Serving Others through a Spirit of Inclusion.


How do we Deepen our Relationship with Jesus through Prayer (very timely right before Lent) .


Deepening our Relationship with Jesus through Stewardship .


How do we deepen our relationship with Jesus through Ministry to Others .

In Case You Missed It...

February 21, 2021 - Authentic Self-Care Strategies to De-Stress from a Catholic Perspective - Julia Marie Hogan

Watch the video recording of the presentation here:

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed by life right now? Have you been feeling overwhelmed due to your life's upheaval over COVID -19? Your schedule is busy, you are faced with making new decisions every day, and it's easy to feel like you don't have time to de-stress.  Add a global health crisis, and you just might find yourself in a great need of care.   Self-care is an important tool for managing stress but it is often overlooked or overcomplicated. Julia Hogan, LCPC, a Catholic licensed therapist and author, will share practical ways you and your family can practice authentic and effective self-care from a Catholic worldview. 

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