40th Anniversary

Join us in celebrating the 40 years of The Spirit of Seton

On January 4th, 1981, The Feast Day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee established a new parish in the city of New Berlin with the namesake of America’s first-born saint and patroness of the Catholic School System. The Spirit of Seton was born that day and 40 years later it thrives in a faith-filled parish that is vibrant, charitable and engaging. 2021 will be a full year of celebrating various events and programs that were created and developed throughout our 40 years making us the parish that we are today!

Be a part of the celebration!

Whether you have been a Seton member since the beginning or a recent member, we welcome your participation in our year-long 40th Anniversary by sharing memories and photos of parish life events such ground breakings, child and youth programs, special occasions like baptisms, first communion and weddings, parish ministries, choir, social events and parish fundraisers such as our festival and auction. Please forward your mementos to: [email protected]

Seton’s 40th Anniversary Trivia Series

As part of our year-long 40th Anniversary Celebration, we have created a Trivia Series which will focus on different topics and events that have been a part of our 40 year history. You can choose to test your knowledge or just enjoy reading the answers. 

2nd Edition - The First 10 Years, 1981 - 1991
  1. In 1981, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first new parish in 20 years to be established. Why did the Archdiocese create this parish?
  2. While the parishioners waited for the new building, what were parishioners allowed to do with the 14 acres of land during that time?
  3. In 1986 what publication was created as an additional source to highlight parish life and activities?
  4. During the first 10 years, where were the CCD classes held?
  5. Before the festival was officially named FunFest what other names were the earlier festivals called and how did FunFest get its name?
  6. Which current staff member joined the Seton staff in 1989, 31 years ago?
  7. Fr. Sippel’s first hire for the parish was the music minister. What was her name?
  8. In 1988, due to the growth of membership, extra space was added to the original building and worship space. What unique feature was added to the back of the worship area?

Click here for the answers (with pictures).

1st Edition - Our patron saint, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  1. Elizabeth Ann Seton was canonized in 1975 and is known as the patron saint of what?
  2. How many children were born to Elizabeth and her husband, William?
  3. At what age did Elizabeth Ann Seton become widowed?
  4. Before Elizabeth became Catholic at the age of 31, what religion was she?
  5. What was the name of the order of nuns that Elizabeth Ann Seton founded?
  6. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s feast day is January 4. What is significant about this date?
  7. For the last three years, our parish has awarded scholarships to graduates of a south side Hispanic school in Milwaukee to assist them in attending a Catholic high school of their choice. As part of their application process, they were asked to write about a characteristic which they admired of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s life. What is the name of this school?
  8. On May 18, 2018, a bronze sculpture of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was designed and is currently displayed on the northwest wall of our church. This was a gift from the parish to commemorate what event?

Click here for the answers.


On Sunday, January 10, 2021, a special celebratory Mass was held to kick off our 40th Anniversary and a full year of events recalling our past, giving thanks for our present, and anticipating our future.

Father Bernie Sippel's video message

Hear about the beginning of the Spirit of Seton and how things got started.

A Brief History of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

This month, we are focusing on how our parish began. Fr. Bernard “Bernie” Sippel, our founding pastor, has written his reflections of the first two years at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, 1981-1982.  Discover how our parish started from a wheat field and in two years was transformed into a vibrant parish community.

Click here to read Fr. Sippel's Reflection.