Caring Connection Ministry

g7jr9raj7vz9th211f4tphvocel.jpgThe mission of this ministry is for our faith community to offer care and support to families in need during times of unexpected life challenges. As an opportunity to practice our discipleship, volunteers offer their services through the following areas of ministry: preparing meals, offering companionship, performing light yard work tasks or providing transportation on a temporary basis.

Volunteer time is extremely flexible. One can serve with as much time as they have to offer whenever they are available. Volunteer requests will be communicated through email or phone call. No meeting attendance necessary to serve with this ministry. bj2goam3jh8i7mrvrw4l2rwjvel.jpg

Meetings: As needed
Time: Mornings
Location: Seton
Contact: Lisa Schalk, 414-588-9775, or send us a message