Cookie Walk

The Cookie Walk invites volunteers to bring their favorite homemade cookies one weekend in December. Parishioners slip on a plastic glove and walk along both sides of the tables self-filling ready to give clear plastic containers with assorted homemade Christmas cookies baked by fellow parishioners. On Sunday, the cookies are sold for $8.00 a pound – a wonderful way to have a tasty assortment for the holidays. All proceeds are donated to SHARE’s Seeds of Hope Initiative and used to purchase packages of native seeds and fertilizer for farmers in El Salvador.

Date: Sunday before Christmas
Time: After 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM Masses
Location: Sippel Hall in conjunction with Coffee/Donut Sunday
Contact: Deb Gonyo, 414-616-1780, or send us a message

Needs of ministry: Volunteer to be the Cookie Walk Chairperson once a year in November and December to plan and promote this event through weekly bulletin announcements, recruit cookie bakers through weekly bulletin announcements, shop for clear cookie containers and plastic gloves and pickup quarters and singles from the bank to make change. Volunteer to arrange donated Christmas cookies and decorate the tables on the day prior to the event, setup one table with postage scale(s) and cash box for check-out. Volunteer to weigh donated Christmas cookies at the Cookie Walk, reference price list, and collect money. Volunteer to bake homemade Christmas cookies and deliver them on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.