El Salvador Solidarity Ministry


Our El Salvador sister parish, Our Lady of Guadalupe in the village of Rutilio Grande, fosters our friendship with the people of Rutilio Grande as well as surrounding villages in El Salvador as we continue to build a long- term relationship through our founded principles of faith. The bond of personal experience is further strengthened as we walk together in solidarity. Parishioners can get involved in fundraising, advocacy, communication, teen connections, children’s ministry, women’s empowerment, health initiative, and home gardens, as well as becoming a delegate during a scheduled trip to El Salvador.

Date: First Tuesday of each month (July/August the Ministry takes a break)
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Reflection Room
Contact: Jackie Konkol, 414-543-5477, or send us a message

Parishioners: Meetings are more frequent the year we send a delegation to El Salvador. We need Spanish speaking translators, letters of encouragement, updating information and communication to the parish, people to investigate and communicate social justice issues of El Salvador or become an email/ Facebook pen pal to a resident of Rutilio Grande. You don’t have to travel to El Salvador to join the Ministry, however, once you get to know the people, you will want to join us on our next delegation!

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