Family Devotions and Activities

Children's Liturgy of the Word 

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - January 17, 2021

Gospel message for kids:
John 1:35-42

Some of the men who would become Christ's apostles had been disciples of John the Baptist.  It was while they were with John, on the banks of the river Jordan, that they first saw Jesus.

In our Bible story, John the Baptist described Jesus as the "Lamb of God."  Why did John compare Jesus to a lamb?  Lambs are meek and gentle, just as Jesus was.  Often they were offered by people as a sacrifice to God to show their love for him.  Jesus was sent by his heavenly father to proclaim the Good News and to save us.  Like a lamb, he was prepared to be sacrificed, to suffer and to die out of love for us, so that we could share everlasting life in heaven.

When John pointed Jesus out, what did the two men do?  John had often told his followers about the one who was to come after him: the Messiah promised by God.  John urged his followers to go with Jesus and to become his disciples, so they followed him.  What did Jesus do when he saw the two men following him?  He invited them to join him and took them to his home.  They were completely amazed by this meeting, and marveled at everything Jesus said.

This story teaches us how important it is to pay attention to the words of Jesus.  We hear his words in the Gospels.  Do you pay close attention to the Gospel when it is read at Mass?  At home, do you read stories or watch videos about Jesus?  This week, try to listen to God in three ways:

  1. Spend some time every day in silence.
  2. Listen when good people tell you good things.
  3. Listen to the words of Jesus in the Gospels.

Pray the Rosary with a Seton Family

A message from the Director of Child Ministry...

Seton Families, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to know that we are here for you!  We know your daily life looks very different these days as you adjust to new circumstances, new schedules, and new challenges.

To the best of our ability, Seton Child Ministry wants to continue to support your family’s faith journey.  Below are some links to our favorite websites, YouTube channels, faith-based blogs, and crafts/activities to help you lead your child (and you) into deeper relationship with Jesus, especially during this uncertain time!

Also, follow SetonKids on Facebook to receive the most up-to-date information and daily encouragement, ideas, and activities to help lead your family through this crisis.

We are praying for you—we are here for you.  Please reach out to Ann Ryan with any Child Ministry needs, prayer requests, or general support.

YouTube Channels:
  • Saddleback Kids: Saddleback Kids, the children’s ministry at Saddleback Church has developed fun and creative ways to teach children about God’s word.  Great for Bible story videos!
  • Crossroads Kids Club: Bible story videos and other content that the whole family can experience and enjoy.
  • Lifetree Kids: Lifetree Kids has your favorite Group Vacation Bible School videos, plus bonus fun, educational, and faith-based videos for kids.  All of our praise and worship songs come from this channel—get your wiggles out with some great music praising God!
  • Catholic Kids Media: An effort to evangelize the culture, providing quality Catholic programming for kids.  Helps kids understand and love the strange and wonderful thing that is Catholicism so that they might live Christ-centered lives.
  • Holy Heroes: Helping you bring the joy of the Catholic faith to your family.
  • Catholic Icing: A great resource for Catholic parents filled with activities and crafts that connect kids with their Catholic faith.
  • Meaningful Mama: Faith-infused parenting, kid, activity, and craft ideas.
  • Equipping Catholic Families: Celebrating Catholic family and faith with crafts, catechesis and traditions!
  • Real Life at Home: Practical tips and resources for learning, creating, and celebrating with your family all year.
  • Catholic Sprouts: Use the daily podcast, Catholic Sprouts, as an easy source of daily Catechism—suitable for elementary-aged kids and older.
  • Saint Stories for Kids: A weekly podcast of stories for kids about the Saints.