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Children's Liturgy of the Word 

2nd Sunday of Easter  - April 11, 2021
  • Activity Sheet:  Doubting Thomas
  • Time Travelers (Church of the Nativity):  Kids Messages 
  • Jesus Appears to Thomas (YouTube video of the story by Saddleback Kids):

Gospel message for kids:
John 20:19-31

When Jesus first appeared to the disciples in the locked room, Thomas was not with the other disciples.  When Jesus appeared, he shared the gift of his peace saying the words, "Peace be with you."  Then he gave them the gift of the Holy Spirit to increase their faith and courage.  Thomas did not believe the disciples when they told him that Jesus had risen from the dead.  Thomas could not believe without seeing.

When Jesus appeared again, he showed Thomas his wounds.  Because Thomas could see and touch Jesus, he believed that he had risen from the dead.  Jesus understood that many like Thomas would hear the story of the resurrection and be filled with doubt.

Can we see the risen Jesus today?  Jesus lives among us, and we can recognize his presence in the people around us.  A kind action or a loving remark are signs of Christ's power working through other people.

When Thomas recognized Jesus as the risen Lord, he said, "My Lord and my God."  We use these words quietly at the consecration of the bread and the wine, when we believe that they become Christ's body and blood.  We cannot see Jesus, but we believe that he is really there.

What other things do you believe...even though you can't see the proof of their existence?  Talk with your family about the things you have questions and doubts about this week.

Revisit the 2020 2nd Sunday of Easter Children's Liturgy video with Ann Ryan and friends:

Easter Sunday  - April 4, 2021
  • Activity Sheet:  Easter Sunday
  • Time Travelers (Church of the Nativity):  Kids Messages 
  • The Story of Easter (YouTube video of the story by Saddleback Kids...the video starts at 4:03):

Gospel message for kids:
John 20:1-9

Jesus had died late on Friday afternoon, and the women had begun to embalm his body with spices and ointments in preparation for burial, as was their custom.  However, the Jewish Sabbath began at sunset on the Friday evening, and work was not allowed on the Sabbath, so they had to wait until Sunday to complete their task.

As we heard in our Bible story, Mary found a surprise at the tomb on Sunday morning--an empty tomb and an angel with good news!  So Mary ran to tell the other disciples about this miracle.  As the disciples ran to the tomb, can you imagine what they must have been thinking?  Peter and John had raced to the tomb and found it empty.  They could hardly believe that Jesus might be alive, but at that moment, they began to hope that something as wonderful as this really could happen.

On Easter day and throughout the season of Easter, a special candle, called the "Paschal candle," is lit.  It reminds us that Jesus, the Light of the World, has destroyed death and is alive.  It is a symbol of new life.

What do we give to each other on Easter Sunday as symbols of new life?  Easter eggs!  Just as the chick in an egg must break free from its shell to begin a new life, so too, Jesus had to break free from death in the tomb.  He had the new life which God has promised to us all!

Today, celebrate the resurrection in a special way with your family!  Try baking up a batch of these delicious Resurrection Rolls: Click here for the Resurrection Roll Recipe and Bible Story

Revisit the 2020 Easter Sunday Children's Liturgy video with Ann Ryan and friends:

Pray the Rosary with a Seton Family

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YouTube Channels:
  • Saddleback Kids: Saddleback Kids, the children’s ministry at Saddleback Church has developed fun and creative ways to teach children about God’s word.  Great for Bible story videos!
  • Crossroads Kids Club: Bible story videos and other content that the whole family can experience and enjoy.
  • Lifetree Kids: Lifetree Kids has your favorite Group Vacation Bible School videos, plus bonus fun, educational, and faith-based videos for kids.  All of our praise and worship songs come from this channel—get your wiggles out with some great music praising God!
  • Catholic Kids Media: An effort to evangelize the culture, providing quality Catholic programming for kids.  Helps kids understand and love the strange and wonderful thing that is Catholicism so that they might live Christ-centered lives.
  • Holy Heroes: Helping you bring the joy of the Catholic faith to your family.
  • Catholic Icing: A great resource for Catholic parents filled with activities and crafts that connect kids with their Catholic faith.
  • Meaningful Mama: Faith-infused parenting, kid, activity, and craft ideas.
  • Equipping Catholic Families: Celebrating Catholic family and faith with crafts, catechesis and traditions!
  • Real Life at Home: Practical tips and resources for learning, creating, and celebrating with your family all year.
  • Catholic Sprouts: Use the daily podcast, Catholic Sprouts, as an easy source of daily Catechism—suitable for elementary-aged kids and older.
  • Saint Stories for Kids: A weekly podcast of stories for kids about the Saints.