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Flu Vaccine Clinic

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 35 parishioners attended the flu vaccine clinic at Seton, and the Walgreens pharmacist and pharmacy technician that administered the vaccines were fast, efficient and friendly! There were no reactions and everyone was quickly on their way after the injection!! Thank you to all the volunteers who made this clinic happen!!

Will we do this flu vaccine clinic next year?  We hope to!  Next year we hope to have the clinic in October and have a better time span, so more people can take advantage of the clinic!

For those of you who have not received your flu vaccine yet, now is a great time to get it!  Also COVID-19 vaccines are available!! Together we can make this world a healthier, happier place to live!!

Vaccine Fact Sheets and Information Statements:

Schedule a COVID-19 or Flu vaccine at Walgreens? Find appointments by clicking on the Appointment Scheduler button below:


by Jean Edelman

I have been thinking of a word to explore. What keeps popping into my mind is health.

Good health is the constant pursuit of finding balance among the three core components: spiritual, emotional and physical.

Our Spiritual Health. We achieve balance through our awareness of the possibility that something is greater than us all. This understanding keeps us humble and helps us be open for the possibilities and miracles in our daily life.

Our Emotional Health. Balance comes when we don't wallow in the past or worry about the future. It comes when we focus and appreciate this moment. Think of a seesaw. The middle is being in the moment. The past and future are at the edges. When we are too focused on them, we get out of balance. Staying in the present keeps us in the middle, keeps us balanced.

Our Physical Health. We are all made of energy and when that energy gets stuck, we get out of balance. Walking, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong all help us maintain balance by helping us breathe deeply and move our energy in positive ways.

Our physical health is also heavily affected by the food we eat. If we want to be balanced, we need to eat balanced meals - each featuring protein, vegetable and grains. Healthy desserts and snacks are fine. The key is to eat whole foods, not processed foods, and cut out the sugar. Let's shop the grocery store's perimeter because that is where the fresh, whole foods are. The inner aisles are filled with processed foods that you want to avoid.

Finally, our physical health depends on us being properly hydrated and getting a good night's sleep.

It is also important that we are aware when we are out of balance. Let's notice when our emotions are out of control, if we are overeating, craving sweets or not motivated to engage in daily life. When we notice this, we know we need to focus on getting back into balance. Let's spend time in nature. Let's go outside even if the weather isn't ideal. Let's write in our journal or talk it out with family, friends or a counselor.

Each day we get to start anew. We get to make any changes we need. We are in control and we can move our needle back to the middle.

The outside world will always be in turmoil. Focusing on our health and personal growth keeps us balanced, and being balanced lets us enjoy a happy life.

Jean Edelman is a co-founder of Edelman Financial Engines and holds a degree in consumer economics with a specialization in nutrition.
Edelman, Jean, 2021, August, Health, Inside Personal Finance, The Other Side of Money,pg.11

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