Labyrinth Ministry

The Labyrinth is a meditative path of prayer seekers use to find and keep focus on their journey toward a stronger relationship with God. Unlike a maze, the labyrinth has no false trails. One path leads to the center and back out; the entrance is also the exit.

Labyrinth Ministry provides opportunity for contemplative prayer in the labyrinth. The ministers prepare the environment for people to walk in the labyrinth. The ministers invite, welcome, give overviews of ways to walk the labyrinth and answer questions about the labyrinth.


  • Labyrinth Walkers – We are looking for people to walk and to pray in our labyrinth.
  • Committee Members – people who are interested in welcoming, explaining and
  • answering questions for others who come in to use the labyrinth. (On the job training is provided)
  • Publicity Chairperson – We are looking for new ways to publicize our ministry to others and help advertise the ministry to interested parties.
  • Historian - We would be interested in having someone interview a knowledgeable
  • individual regarding the Bertram’s who inlayed the labyrinth carpet in Sippel Hall. The
  • interviewer would then record the story for all to read.
  • Music Technologist – We are looking for someone to create a new mix of music for
  • various seasons and to convert our current CD’s to an IPod. The music technologist would also train the other members of the committee on use of the technology.


This is one of the few ministries where people of various faith traditions come to our church to pray. It is an opportunity to pray together as well as an opportunity for learning and discovery. The labyrinth ministers have an opportunity to share their love of the labyrinth with others. People walking the labyrinth have a chance to walk with God.

Date: The committee meets once a year to discuss ways to expand the ministry. The Labyrinth is currently staffed Thursday evenings during Lent, one evening during Advent and at other times by request. Once we have more volunteers, we would like to begin to have the Labyrinth open once a month.
Time: 1.5 hours – 2 hours for welcoming labyrinth walkers and answering questions, and 30 minutes for set up and clean up. Committee members are given on the job training and are assigned times to work based on their schedule. There is time for members to walk the labyrinth during their assigned time.
Location: Sippel Hall
Contact: Linda Gaughan, 262-789-9736, or send us a message