Lectors proclaim the word of God at all Masses and special liturgies at Seton.

How we proclaim the word of God is very important.  “The stronger we project our belief and excitement that Jesus is truly present in the word of God we’re proclaiming, and that it’s He who is speaking through our voice, the higher the likelihood that our fellow parishioners will embody that belief and excitement with us.”  (George Miller, LectorResources.com)

Acolyte and Lector Schedule:  click here to download Oct - Dec. 18, 2022

We provide a variety of resources to assist our lectors – workbooks, links to lector websites, discussion sessions.  We have the facility to videotape lector proclamations.  Seton’s lectors work closely with each other, our pastor and our director of liturgy.


Date: Lectors usually meet twice per year – prior to Lent and in the fall prior to Advent.
Contact: Bob Ziegler, 262-784-2422, or send us a message