Ministry with and for Migrants

The Ministry with and for Migrants is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of immigration and the impact on individuals and their families. We also seek to act and respond with and in support of the migrant and refugee community. All are welcome!

This Lent, Seton’s Migrant Ministry invites all to join with us and follow the call of Pope Francis as he reminds us that  Like Jesus Christ, forced to flee. We need to welcome, protect, promote and integrate displaced persons

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To stand in Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees all over the world, during each Wednesday of this Lent, members of the Migrant ministry will observe a fast to stand with our brothers and sisters who live out their lives with uncertainty, despair, and oppression.  By fasting, we deny ourselves to share in the incredible difficulties and struggles that migrants live with every day of their lives.  Traditionally fasting usually includes food.  However, we can deny ourselves in other ways: fasting from other pleasurable habits such as social media, television, our phones, etc.  and instead use this time to pray, to meditate on the lives of others who do not have the same luxuries. 

So perhaps you might wish to join us, every Wednesday in Lent, as we fast from our pleasurable habits and luxuries to unite with those who struggle?  

In addition to fasting, we offer weekly prayer themes for you to consider so that the focus becomes less on our fasting and more on the wellbeing and care of others. To intentionally be aware of Our Lord and His cross and Passion, we unite and lift up each other to Him, in love.  

Check out our prayer focus for each week in Lent.

  • Week of Feb 21:  For the spiritual and physical well-being of the local migrant families that we serve each month. For all refugees, documented and undocumented in our country, for those who advocate and care for them, as well as those who see them as “other”. We pray for empathy to help us better understand and help us step into the shoes of the other.
  • Week of Feb 28:  For those suffering in detention centers as they await their asylum court-date, and for some, their deportation back to the violence and poverty they fled. For those who are providing legal and humanitarian assistance, as well as those in authority (eg. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Private Detention Centers). May all people be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. Help us see the face of Jesus in every one of these people. 
  • Week of March 7:  For all the families and children who have been separated due to our immigration practices. That these children are reunited with their parents; and families experience God’s healing presence as they seek to reconcile the trauma, emotion and ongoing impact of such an experience. May God bless their families, give them patience to heal, and strength to forgive. As a country, we pray that such cruel practices to deter migration never happen again. 
  • Week of March 14: For the thousands of migrant families - fathers, mothers, children, grandparents, who have waited patiently at the border due to the Remain in Mexico policy. And, for the thousands of asylum-seekers that have been deported without due process due to Title 42 citing COVID. That we find humane, swift and equitable solutions for all who seek refuge to have an opportunity for due process and to enter and live in the United States legally. That we welcome these families as God would have us welcome the stranger.
  • Week of March 21:  For our President and the Congressmen and Senators who are tasked with adopting humane and merciful legislation, and those who are advocating for such legislation to protect the dignity of all life, from the womb to the tomb; as well as those who fear the worst and presume the worst about immigrants. For wisdom and compassion in seeking solutions to each of us being our “brother’s keeper”.
  • Week of March 28: For the 80 million displaced persons throughout the world who may or may not be in refugee camps, who may or may not have clean water, food, family, or any way to support themselves, due to war, political unrest, natural disasters, famine, physical or emotional trauma, and those working tirelessly to help them; as well as those who find them too burdensome to care. That we always remember those less fortunate than us, and be reminded that we are one humanity. 

Continuing the mission during a pandemic...

Opportunities to get involved

  • Food for Families is an effort to make sure no one goes hungry during this pandemic and to support local migrant and refugee families who could use a helping hand! Seton's Migrant Ministry is collecting non-perishable items such as flour, oil, rice, cereal, bath soap, shampoo, toilet paper and laundry detergent. These will be distributed during our monthly deliveries to migrant families in need in the Milwaukee & Waukesha area. Donations can be either dropped off at 13320 W North Lane, New Berlin or if you need it picked up, please contact Joanna Boey at 262-853-4033 or send us a message.

  • Join us as we discern our steps to deepen our understanding, connect with families and build relationships with others who may have experienced a different journey than ourselves! As Pope Francis says, "We need to know in order to understand.... We need to be close in order to serve.... In order to be reconciled, we need to listen.... In order to grow, it is necessary to share....We need to be involved in order to promote. It is necessary to cooperate in order to build... Leaving no one excluded." - World Day of Migrants & Refugees, 2020

Date: First Wednesday of the month
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Reflection Room
Contact: Joanna Boey, 262-853-4033, or send us a message