Notre Dame School Ministries

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish has partnered with Notre Dame Middle School (NDMS), a sponsored ministry of the School Sisters of Notre Dame since 1996. NDMS has grown from a small school serving 26 Latino middle school aged girls to presently serving over 500 Latino students and expanding to two campuses. With the addition of the primary school and all boys middle school, NDMS was renamed Notre Dame School of Milwaukee (NDSM) to encompass the whole K4-8 school community.  The school currently consists of two campuses:

lb8bhu01sk5d82r33wdgw62n7yl.pngTo learn more about the school, please go on to their website or facebook page

Afterschool Snack Program

After the regular school day, the students are required to participate in afterschool activities such as educational and athletic programs or tutoring assistance.  During their break they receive a snack before they attend the planned activities. Generous Seton parishioners provide healthy individually sized snacks for 175 students per day three times a week.

A big THANKS to those who have signed up to support the NDSM snack program.  We have met our goal of providing healthy individually sized snacks for 175 students per day three times a week for the remainder of this school year.  Look for information in the future regarding the snack program for the 2022/23 school year.  Signup will begin in August.

Volunteer Opportunity:

NDSM Snack Program Coordinator  

Seton is looking for a volunteer to lead the NDSM Snack Program for the 2022/23 school year.  Responsibilities include: marketing the program, recruiting volunteers, managing the SignUp Genius Program and coordinating the delivery of snacks to the school.  Most of these duties can be done from home. For more information, contact Therese Fennelly 414-704 9348.

Your support of NDSM is greatly appreciated!

NDSM President, Patrick Landry expresses gratitude, provides a brief update on the school.

Seton Scholarship recipient, Eli Prado says "Thank You."

Eli Prado graduated from Notre Dame School of Milwaukee in June and is the recipient of the 2021 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton scholarship. Thanks to the Seton community’s generosity, Eli is enjoying his freshman year at Dominican High School where he is taking full advantage of the opportunities available to him. According to Eli, “Notre Dame prepared me for high school by teaching me to be accountable to myself and others in a supportive and rigorous environment.” In addition to playing JV volleyball, Eli is a member of Dominican’s Fuego Latino Mexican heritage club. His favorite subjects are religion and art classes, and he recently won a school art competition to draw a real-life setting. 

Seton's Support over the years

As the school has grown, so has the support from the Seton community. Our parish members have generously offered their time, talent, and treasure. Seton parishioners have volunteered at Notre Dame in various ways, including:

  • Tutoring students during the day and at the after school program
  • Helping in the library
  • Assisting with fundraising events
  • Donating food and serving at the Annual Spaghetti Dinner
  • Providing after-school snacks
  • Donating to the school supplies drive each Fall
  • Participating in the Graduate Mentor Program

Seton has financially supported Notre Dame through:

  • Seton’s outreach resources and grant’s program which has provided funds for lap tops, and whiteboards
  • St Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Scholarship Fund which provides scholarships for deserving Notre Dame Graduates to attend high schools of their choice.
  • Sponsoring graduates to join Seton’s youth group on mission trips such as Guatemala and Costa Rica

Volunteer Opportunities

NDSM is looking for mentors and volunteers for the 2021-2022 school year!

Mentors and volunteers are critical members of the NDSM school community who support their students and ensure their success at NDSM and beyond. Volunteers help NDSM in a variety of ways, including by serving as tutors, library aides, and after school activity leaders.

Mentors are caring, compassionate adults who devote their time to a middle school student, offering them support, guidance and encouragement as they transition to high school. Seton has three women who have been mentoring our scholarship recipients during their time in high school. To learn more about the mentor program, contact Anne Kelly, one of our parish mentors at 262-844-9930. To learn more about other volunteer opportunities, send us a message or contact Therese Fennelly at 414-704-9348.

NDSM Graduate Scholarship Program

In 2017, the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton/Notre Dame School Scholarship was established to assist NDSM graduates with attending the high school of their choice. Since then, we have helped 7 graduates. Last May our first two recipients, Kayla and Eliana graduated from DHS High School and are pursuing higher education.  This year we granted a scholarship to a graduate from the boy’s middle school, Eli Prado. 

On October 17, 2021 at the 10:45 Mass, we were honored to welcome all 7 of our graduate recipients and their families. 

Xitlali de la Torre, Kayla Moran Valle, Margarita Gutierrez, Melanie Sanchez,
Eliana Ruiz, Julissa Tovar, Eli Prado

Contact: Therese Fennelly 414-704-9348, or send us a message