Outreach Grant Committee

The Outreach Grant Committee solicits charitable organizations anywhere in the world to apply for funding grants, to be utilized for a specific program or need. The funds are supported by the parish and distributed following a formal application and discernment process by the committee.

Seton Outreach Committee - November 2021 meeting

The Seton Outreach Committee met in November to determine the grants for the first half of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.  Members present were Sue Switalski, Nancy Kasun, Tim Kleibor, Gene Park, Stacia Schneider, Don and Mary Kay Balchunas and Dave Strelitz.

The committee reviewed grant requests from various 501(c) (3) designated organizations submitted subsequent to our May 2021 meeting.  Keeping in mind our purpose to further the ministry of our parish community, we elected to award grants to the following organizations:

  • $2000 to Milwaukee Homeless Veteran's Initiative. Serving hundreds of local veterans annually, our funds will be used for their bike repair shop, restoring bikes to give to vets who need them for transportation or exercise.
  • $1500 to Malaika Early Learning Center, providing a high-quality learning experience to over 100 children from low income families. Our funds will be used to buy books from local authors.
  • $2000 to La Causa. Based in Milwaukee, our funds will be used to support their Crisis Nursery & Respite Center, providing a safe haven to children when families face emergencies such as homelessness, domestic violence or high stress. 
  • $2000 to the Meta House . Based in Milwaukee, MH serves low-income women with substance abuse disorders.  Our funds will be used for personal supplies, transportation and other needs.
  • $3000 to Hyacinth Congregation, serving over 1000 mostly low income and Hispanic MKE households locally. Our funds will be used to replace the roof on their church, built in 1883.     
  • $3000 to the Interchange Food Pantry, a central city-based food pantry serving all of MKE county. Our funds will be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for distribution.        
  • $2000 to Habitat for Humanity. Our funds will be used in their Critical Home Repair program, helping low to moderate income MKE residents remain in their homes through various repairs.

Our committee intends to meet again in May 2022 to determine its final awards for the 06/30/22 fiscal year.  We welcome requests from organizations seeking support for programs that extend beyond our parish mission into the local, national and international communities.  If you know of an organization seeking support, please suggest they complete a grant application which can be downloaded from our website, or contact any of the committee members for information.

These are all worthy organizations and we recommend that you contact them directly in the event you seek additional information about their missions or your desire to be more involved. We would also welcome new members to our committee to assist in the research, review and consideration of these requests.  Thank you for your support and interest in our efforts.

Dave Strelitz

Date: 2 times/year – Spring (May) & Fall (November)
Time: 2+ hours preparation and meeting participation
Location: Seton
Contact: Dave Strelitz, 262-364-7144

We are always seeking charities needing financial assistance, either locally, nationally, or globally. Grant amounts vary from $1000-$3000 each. In addition to a description of how the funds will be utilized, we also require a full financial disclosure. Each year we support between 10-15 different charitable organizations.

Download the Grant Application Form to submit grant requests.  Completed applications should be emailed - AS ONE DOCUMENT - to [email protected]Organizations receiving a grant must wait 18 months before they are eligible to submit a new application.