Parish History

vo7ocs5i6h8v1t6g72wcza3f98l.jpgSt. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish was founded on January 4, 1981. Its founding pastor was Father Bernie Sippel. For almost two years the parish met at a neighboring church, Resurrection Lutheran. The pastor and the people at Resurrection treated us as brothers and sisters. We have shared much together ever since.

The first building purchased by the parish was a rectory on Brentwood Dr. Daily Masses, offices and meetings were held there. Christian Formation classes were held in the homes.

45gmwqwqeoq37g5rnlv94jcxxhl.jpgConstruction of a new church began in early 1982 and the first Mass was celebrated on December 24, 1982. Archbishop Weakland dedicated the new church on January 23, 1983. The parish was a small one. In fact the whole community could meet in the church at one time. A certain “feeling” began to develop. People got to know each other well through “Renew”, the parish festival and just the small size of the parish. People called this “feeling” the “Spirit of Seton.”

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (SEAS) community continued to grow and soon there was standing room only at some Masses. Father Ralph Gross, then assigned as chancellor for the archdiocese, helped Father Sippel to celebrate Masses on the weekends. An addition was added to the building in 1987. Christian Formation classes became too difficult to manage in the homes, so local schools were leased for the classes. And the church continued to grow.

In 1991, a building committee was formed. It gradually became known as the “Steering Committee.” It wanted to build a new church and use the old one as a hall. It wanted to maintain the intimacy of the former church and yet increase in size. A long process including some delays kept pushing off the building process. Father Bernie left and Father John Crosswaite became pastor. Father Glen Graczyk was associate pastor. A larger staff was hired and many liturgical changes occurred. After Father John Crosswaite moved and while a new parish priest was being discerned, Father Mike Ignaszak and Father David Meinholz celebrated Masses at Seton. Father Steve Amann became pastor in October of 1995. Finally, in 1997, the James Company was hired as a fund raiser and Dennis Horbinski was selected as architect and liturgical consultant. This building project boomed. 

cy5yq31cj75s2zjfjisvumgatrl.jpgGround breaking took place in May of 1998 and the first Mass was held in the new St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church on Holy Thursday, 1999. In 2006, Father Jeff Prasser became Seton’s pastor. Seton’s current administrator, Father Joe Aufdermauer, began to disciple the people of Seton in 2008. Since then we have been building the “church” through our growth in the ministry & mission of our Lord Jesus. Others who have helped guide us in our discipleship throughout the years have included our Pastoral Associates: Debbie Hintz, Marni Geisler, Liz Hanna, and our current Pastoral Minister, Sue Switalski; Directors of Religious Education: Carol Neufeldt, Joanne Prei, Marilyn Zwick, and our current Director of Child Ministry, Ann Ryan; Directors of Youth Ministry: Shannon McGowan and currently Mickey Holtz; Deacons: Gene Brah, John D’Alessio, and currently Jeff Copson, and Dick Winkowski. Through the “Rebuilt” committee initiated in 2014, we continue to grow as Disciples of Christ to serve one another in our community, our country, and all of God’s world.