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Bulletin Editor


The bulletin informs the Seton community of weekly and special events. Along with the weekly message on the gospel from the pastor it informs visitors of opportunities being offered.

The role of the Bulletin Editor is to collect and organize bulletin articles from the pastor, staff and ministry leaders, arrange articles for layout using Publisher software, edit and proof articles prior to publication, add graphics and pictures for articles, and send final copy of proofed bulletin to the publisher on weekly basis.


Volunteer Time Commitment

The task of proofreading the bulletin requires 2-3 hours to proof the final copy prior to publication.

Time: One day a week

Location: Seton Hall (lower level)

Contact: Kathy Stawicki, 262-782-8982 or send us a message


Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently recruiting someone to proofread the bulletin every other week.

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