Seton Seniors

The Seton Seniors ministry is intended to provide a venue for charitable and religious endeavors as well as social events and/or activities for parish members age 50 years and older. An annual calendar of upcoming monthly events is approved by the officiating body and presented at the Kick-Off meeting in November. These events/activities vary in cost and interest and are intended to appeal to senior persons. Members are encouraged to chair some of these event/activities and to let their creativity flow. Also, members are involved in many various parish projects. The Seton Seniors are an active group – where care, concern, and camaraderie are genuine. All newcomers are always welcome!

Annual dues are $10.00 per person.

Date: Meetings, events &/or activities usually held on 3rd Thursday of the month
Time: Varies and will be announced
Location: Seton or other specified location as indicated in bulletin/announcements
Contact: Jim Gleason, 262-309-0895, or send us a message