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Rebuilding Disciples

Parish Life and Stewardship

The Rebuilding Disciples team’s purpose is to carry out the mission of the book “Rebuilt” by White and Corcoran, as it applies to our St. Elizabeth Ann Seton faith community. The focus of our group mirrors that of the book: awakening the faithful, reaching the lost, and making church matter to those both within the church walls and beyond. This ministry works to continually develop a warm, evangelical, energized and welcoming parish which permeates through the spirit of individuals who are connected to our faith community. This ministry, for us as Seton parishioners, is about becoming better disciples. We keep spiritually growing in what we are doing for the Lord, but while we are doing this, we INVITE others to join us and we SHARE what we have with them.


Volunteer Time Commitment

Date: About 6 times a year

Time: Usually 7:00 pm on a week night (Monday - Thursday)

Location: Parish Office

Contact: Bob Ziegler, 262-784-2422, or send us a message

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