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Get to Know Us

A Warm Welcome from our Staff...

A warm and heartfelt welcome to all of you as you join us at Seton, both online and in person.  We are overjoyed to see each and every one of you here!  As staff members, it is our greatest pleasure to extend the open arms of Seton and invite you to be an integral part of our church family. We encourage you to embrace this opportunity to connect, grow, and support one another on this beautiful journey of faith.  Whether you are a life-long member or a newcomer, we are here to walk alongside you, offering guidance, friendship, and a safe place for you to call home.  Together, let us deepen our bond with Jesus & with each other as we build a stronger and more vibrant community. Welcome to Seton!

Yours Sincerely,

The Seton Staff

Our Vision & Mission

To be a growing community that inspires all to follow Jesus with a spirit of inclusion, compassion and service.

We encourage all to deepen their relationship with Jesus through scripture, prayer, stewardship and ministry to others.

Serve Jesus by Volunteering With Us

Here at Seton, we have over fifty ministries that are ready to serve both our parish and our community. Giving your time and sharing your talents allows you to grow in your own faith, while following Jesus and serving others.

There is something for everyone... We promise!

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