Pastoral Council


The Pastoral Council is a group of people chosen from and by the parish who together with the parish priest seek to fulfill the mission of the Church by accepting the responsibility to guide, to determine the direction of the parish, and to oversee its pastoral activity and temporal affairs.” What a beautiful calling to discipleship!

 2019-2020 Pastoral Council

Committee Members:    
Dave Knoll, Chairperson Chuck Stadler, Vice-Chairperson Kathleen Buyarski, Secretary
Anne Baniel Mary Kay Dellemann Marty Gibbons
Mary Jo Gottschalk Jim Kaminski Mary O'Connor
Jim Schutte Earl Strandt Dan Zautis


Feeling a Call to Serve the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Pastoral Council?

Each June, several members of our Council finish their 3 year term and we will be seeking new volunteers to fill those positions. Any member of the Parish interested in serving their fellow parishioners and shaping the future of our Parish is welcome to submit their name for consideration. You can also contact the Parish office to provide contact information and express your interest. All are welcomed to learn more!

We would genuinely love to hear from you! Maybe you are answering a tiny whisper at this time and you simply desire to learn more. It’s possible that you’ve been hearing it for some time now. We pray for all those listening to this call to join us to learn more. It is very possible that your curiosity is the Holy Spirit working in you.

“Discernment is a decision-making process that honors the place of God's will in our lives. It is an interior search that seeks to align our own will with the will of God in order to learn what God is calling us to. Every choice we make, no matter how small, is an opportunity to align ourselves with God's will.” –Loyola Press

Visit Loyola Press for a beautiful reading on discernment

Watch for a bulletin insert in the spring for more information.

Meeting Minutes