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Caring Connection

Human Concerns

The mission of this ministry is for our faith community to offer care and support to families in need during times of unexpected life challenges. Currently our main act of service has been to provide nutritious, lovingly made meals when requested.


Volunteer Time Commitment

Dates: Meal requests are done through the Meal Train website. There are no meetings to attend, and time commitment varies upon requests.

Location: Prepare meal from your home and deliver to person in need

Contact: Sarah Moser, 414-902-3379, or send us a message


Volunteer Opportunities

This ministry can always use more parishioners willing to provide meals in time of need. If you are feeling the call to serve in this ministry, please contact Jayne Finn 414-688-9537 or Sarah Moser 414-902-3379.


Follow Jesus - Serve Others

This ministry reflects Seton's call to Follow Jesus and Serve Others because it demonstrates our hospitality as a parish by sharing our resources and gifts to those in need. Making and sharing a nutritious meal for someone helps to deepen the bond of our relationships and brings us closer together as a community.

If you or someone you know needs help and could benefit from the care and support provided by this ministry, please contact Sue Switalski, Pastoral Minister, or call 262-782-8982.

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