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Hope Center Meal Program

Human Concerns

The Hope Center Outreach Meal Program serves a meal to 80-90 people two evenings per year at the Hope Center in Waukesha. Our group arrives at the Hope Center by 5:00 pm and is finished by 7:00 pm. SEAS volunteers are in charge of serving the food that is prepared by the staff at the Hope Center. We are responsible to bring 10 gallons of milk and dessert for 80-90 people. In addition to serving the meal, beverages and desserts, volunteers also clean up the dining room and help with the dishes and the garbage.


Volunteer Time Commitment

Date: 2 times per year

Time: 5-7 pm

Location: Hope Center, Waukesha

Contact: Debra Holubowicz, 262-361-4322, or send us a message


Volunteer Opportunities

We need a total of 6-8 volunteers each evening that we serve a meal at the Hope Center.

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