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Outreach Grants

Human Concerns

The Outreach Grant Committee solicits primarily local and Wisconsin based charitable organizations to apply for funding grants, to be utilized for a specific program or need. The funds are supported by the parish and distributed following a formal application and discernment process by the committee.


Volunteer Time Commitment

The committee meets 2 times/year – Spring (May) & Fall (November)

Time Commitment: 2+ hours preparation and meeting participation

Location: Seton

Contact: Dave Strelitz, 262-364-7144 or email


Volunteer Opportunities

Committee members are expected to attend in-person meetings twice a year to discuss and award grants to eligible charitable organizations. Committee members are asked to solicit grant requests from qualified organizations seeking funding for various projects or programs.


Follow Jesus - Serve Others

The Outreach Grant Committee is blessed with the opportunity to allocate a portion of Seton's annual budget to those who are most deserving. Our committee exhibits a high level of responsibility to research and award funds to organizations who do their best to serve the underserved.


Submit a grant request here: Grant Application Form

Organizations receiving a grant must wait 18 months before they are eligible to submit a new application.

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