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Spiritual Life and Worship

Weekly Sacristans care for the church on a weekly basis. Responsibilities include tending to plants, caring for vestments, the altar area and the reservation chapel.

Skills needed: love of plants and their care, ironing and cleaning.


Volunteer Time Commitment

Date/Time: Friday mornings after Mass, takes about an hour

Location: Church and Sacristy

Contact: Sharon Anderson, 262-679-0342, or send us a message


Weekday Sacristans set the table for My Lord’s Banquet, chalice, pall, bread plate, cruets, lights, sound system and candles. Responsibilities also include: replace burned out candles in the adoration chapel, and put everything in its place after Mass. A detailed job description is located in the sacristy.


Volunteer Time Commitment

Date: Monday through Friday

Time: Arrive 20 minutes before Mass, stay 10 minutes after Mass

Location: Church, Sacristy and Adoration Chapel

Contact: Diane Kutschera, 262-786-4569, or send us a message

This ministry is on a rotation and fill in when needed. It is a humbling and honored experience.

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