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We Share

Human Concerns

We Share is Seton’s commitment to area food pantries. This parish community has faithfully contributed the items that each pantry has requested month after month and year after year. The We Share ministry is an ongoing relationship between our neighbors in need and a generous parish community always happy to serve.


Volunteer Time Commitment

Date: Food collection is the 1st weekend of the month

Time: No meetings

Location: Collectively, the Seton community shops according to the month's recipient's most requested items.

Contact: Nicole Zautis, 262-780-9496, or send us a message


Volunteers Opportunities

This is about as "hands on" as a volunteer shopper can be. For years Seton parishioners have faithfully shopped and purchased items requested by each food pantry. It is an opportunity for people to be involved month after month. Cash is also accepted in the vestibule.

Since COVID, there are no needs to serve in this ministry. The collection is no longer delivered. The recipient makes arrangements with their volunteers and coordinates the pickup. Dan and Nicole Zautis speak directly to the pantry volunteers and create the flyer for the parish bulletin.

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