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Ushers (Ministers of Hospitality)

Spiritual Life and Worship

Smiling faces are needed to enthusiastically welcome and send off parishioners as they enter and leave Mass. An usher should have the ability to stand for up to 20-30 minutes before Mass and stay 5-10 minutes after Mass to collect the Orders of Worship and/or distribute bulletins.

Ushers' Responsibilities:

  • Welcome Mass attendees as they enter the gathering space

  • Distribute the Orders of Worship

  • Aid and assist our parishioners with the location of restrooms

  • Assist with seating needs when appropriate

  • Assist in finding families to take up the gifts as well as the altar cloth and monthly WeShare food basket

  • Assist in parishioners’ needs that may arise during Mass

  • Gather monetary offerings from the collection baskets and secure them for the counting team

  • Assist parishioners with the Communion procession

  • Collect orders of worship and/or distribute weekly bulletins

  • Send the congregation out into the world with a positive message such as, “Have a good evening,” “Enjoy your day,” “Have a good week,” “See you next Sunday.”


Volunteer Time Commitment

Once or twice a month


Volunteer Opportunities

All three Mass times at Seton, as well as Holy Days, Ash Wednesday, and Holy Week Masses and services.

Location: At Seton

Contact: Barb Lee, 414-543-4917 or send us a message


Follow Jesus - Serve Others

Showing God's acceptance of everyone, by welcoming and assisting those who enter for Mass.


Reflecting on this Ministry

As an usher, you have the opportunity to get to know your fellow parishioners as you greet them before and after Mass. It is rewarding to know that you have helped to brighten someone’s day with your warm greeting!

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