• Baptism , the first and fundamental sacrament and the gate to the other sacraments, is the purifying and sanctifying sacrament of rebirth. It is the means by which its recipients are incorporated into the church in a sacramental bond of unity.

The primary place where catechesis occurs is in the family.  It is within the family that children first learn about God.  The family is where they continue to develop values, practice their faith, and observe and witness to a faithful life lived in common everyday experiences.

At St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, our Sacramental preparation programs (Eucharist,  Reconciliation, and RCIC) are family-centered, in that, the majority of the preparation takes place within the home and are supported by the parish in the form of two to three parent/child sessions throughout the preparation process.

  • Confirmation  preparation (Grades 11-12) combines the traditional classroom setting and small group faith sharing format from September through April to learn about our Catholic Faith, Sacrament of Confirmation, and experience our faith through a variety of learning and prayerful experiences.
  • RCIA and Adult Confirmation  is the preparation process for adults wishing to become Catholic or to complete their initiation through the sacrament of Confirmation.  A team of active parishioners acts as a small community to welcome and prepare the candidates and catechumens.
  • Marriage – Pastoral marriage preparation requires that the parish priest be notified at least six months to a year before the anticipated wedding date.  Before setting a date, one of the parties must be a registered member of the parish for at least 6 months and a practicing Catholic.
  • Holy Orders 
  • Anointing of the Sick