Holy Week

Holy Week

Please join us as we begin the holiest week of the year. We begin in triumph as Jesus enters Jerusalem to celebrate Passover with his disciples. We end with the reading of the Passion Gospel. Experience the feeling of immense joy that changes to complete grief in one Mass.

Join us for Morning Prayer at 8:00 AM as there is no Mass celebrated that morning.  

Please join us as we begin the three holiest days of the year – the Triduum – for the Mass of the Last Supper at 7:00 PM. You are invited to bring bells to ring during the Gloria.

We will remember when Jesus
     washed the feet of his disciples
          blessed bread, broke it and shared it for all
               blessed the cup with wine and shared it with all

After we see the love that Jesus displayed to his disciples and then to us, we leave in silence to reverence the Eucharist. The altar is stripped - the Body of Christ displayed for adoration.  

There will be no Mass until the Easter Vigil in 48 hours. The Triduum Prayer has begun and will continue for three days, ending on Easter Sunday. Please join us for all three days in continuous prayer.

For Families:

If you are bringing children and youth on Holy Thursday, please let us know! We have a special symbol to give them and we want to make sure that we have enough. Call Katie at 262-782-8982 and let her know that you are coming. Friends are invited too!  

Join us for Morning Prayer at 8:00 AM– there will be no Mass said today as we commemorate Jesus’ death.

We will pray, venerate the Cross and receive the Eucharist at the solemn Celebration of the Passion and Death of Jesus at 1:30 PM. We will experience the great sadness that Jesus' followers felt as we know that he died for our sinfulness.

Holy Saturday

Pray the Morning Prayer with us at 8:00 AM as we begin the third morning of the Triduum. The church will be still, empty and quiet at that time as we remember Jesus in the tomb.

At 1:30, there will be the rich Eastern European tradition of Blessing of the Easter food.

And then - the celebration of all celebrations – the Easter Vigil at 8:00 PM! We will begin in darkness as our Jewish ancestors did thousands of years ago. We will have an Easter fire to call us in, light our Paschal Candle and hear one of the most ancient prayers of our church – the Exsultet. This prayer which has been prayed since 300 AD and the readings tell the story of our Salvation - light, life, death and resurrection. We will Confirm a new Catholic. You’re invited to bring bells for the Gloria, come ready to sing Alleluia and rejoice at the empty tomb!

Jesus is risen, he has conquered death, He lives for the forgiveness of our sins – Alleluia!