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Dive into the heart of the Lenten season as we explore The Three Pillars, share a heartfelt message from Father Joy, and reflect on the significance of Ash Wednesday.

Lenten Small Groups

Read scripture together and engage in a facilitated conversation about what God is saying to you that day; no scriptural or theological knowledge is needed to participate. Join a small group today!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

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Adult Enrichment

David Stack and the Camino de Santiago
Camino de Santiago - Polaroid of David.png

Our parishioner, David Stack, will be sharing experiences & stories from his recent month-long journey from the Camino de Santiago.

Saturday, February 17th
After 5pm Mass
Sippel Hall
Eucharistic Themes in Art: Al McCauley

For centuries Christian artists have woven symbolic details throughout their masterpieces in order to convey theological truths, inspire the faithful, and educate the illiterate masses. Join us as we learn how to “read” Christian art to more deeply understand and appreciate our rich faith tradition, and as a means to encounter the Divine through contemplation. Notably, in this Revival year, we will explore particular works that express the primacy of the Eucharist and the call to live as Eucharistic people.

Sunday, February 25th
Seton Hall
Encounter - Holy Orders: Deacon Jim Starke

We are continuing this year’s theme of encountering the sacraments with the Director of Deacon Services for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Monday, February 26th
Seton Hall
The Holy Spirit - A Game Changer: Talia Westerby

One of the most powerful ways to grow in our faith and knowledge is by understanding and listening to the Holy Spirit. Let’s jump in and learn how to trust, recognize, and implement the work of the Holy Spirit in our faith lives.

Sunday, March 10th
Monday, March 11th
9:30 - 10:30am
6:15 - 7:15pm
Seton Hall
Seton Hall

Speaker Series Replays

Did you miss a speaker or want to revisit a presentation? You can view replays here!

Lent for Littles

Fasting on Friday

Why Can’t Catholics Eat Meat on Fridays in Lent?

Have you ever accidentally eaten a piece of meat on a Friday in Lent and thought, “Darn! I forgot it’s Friday!” It’s not easy to avoid meat on Fridays in Lent. Not to mention, it is also inconvenient. Have you ever wondered why we have this rule in place? Well, the rule used to be that Catholics couldn’t eat meat on any Friday of the year. However, through the 1983 revised Code of Canon Law, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops were given authority to require American Catholics to abstain from meat on only Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Fridays during Lent.

13 Meatless Recipes for Fridays

My first Lent as a Catholic in 2015 also happened to be about one month into my vegan journey. It was a challenge to navigate through meals without staples like meat, cheese and butter, but then I had to add another Lenten sacrifice on top of that?! Thankfully, giving up a dietary item for our Lenten sacrifice isn’t found in any of the pages of the Catechism or Canon Law, so I have been creative over the years on my Lenten sacrifice.

Lent Challenges

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